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FIXED 64325418 Beaumark dryer assistance needed, runs but no heat


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May 26, 2023
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More than 10 years
I'm in Canada with a 20+ year old Beaumark dryer. I believe this is re-branded GE. Dryer was never used much since we usually hang outside. Recently the dryer started to make an unusual noise - determined that the rubber isolation mount/damper on the motor had deteriorated. Ordered and replaced motor and reassembled. Runs fine but now no heat.

One issue in the reassembly has me concerned; there are six pins on the motor but only five wires to attach. Yes, I did label them and make note of the order but due to the angle of the motor don't know which of the pins isn't used. I have possibly attached a wire to the wrong pin. Is the heat circuit wired/fed through the motor pins?

I guess it's possible that I damaged a fuse or thermostat in the reassembly process but don't think I did.

So, three things I'm looking for;

- some intel on which pin is not used in this application,
- a heads up or lead on where I might get the wiring diagram,
- any advice on my situation

Thanks much
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Is the heat circuit wired/fed through the motor pins?

Yes. Often the heater circuit goes between motor switch terminals #1 and #2 but those could vary depending on the motor installed.

a heads up or lead on where I might get the wiring diagram,

There should be one in the machine. It might be rolled up inside the control panel or in a small pocket, pouch or envelope inside the cabinet. I do not know exactly where. Otherwise you'd have to try contacting GE Canada to see if they can supply a replacement.

Jeff has some general motor information on this page:

Dan O.
Yes, all good advice. I managed to find the wiring diagram due to Dan's suggestion that it might be tucked in the control panel. My suspicion is that the "no heat" problem was due to something I did wrong with the motor replacement. First I want to make sure I didn't do something stupid like re-connecting the wires incorrectly before I start looking at thermostats and fuses.

I'm struggling now with 2 issues now; even though it's for sure 100% the wiring diagram for this dryer (I'm the original owner and it's never been worked on before) the wire colors don't seem to match the machine! Also, trying to figure out why there's no pin #3 on the terminal block and why the pins aren't numbered sequentially and why it was placed sideways in the case so it's impossible to see. (I guess some things are unknowable.)
Just wondering is this tech sheet close to yours.or the same?


  • 572D260P047.pdf
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It calls for wiring diagram # 572D260P033. A comparison to BB's upload (or a clear scan of yours) might help us here.

trying to figure out why there's no pin #3 on the terminal block

On what terminal block?

Can you post a photo?

why the pins aren't numbered sequentially

You'd have to ask the engineers or designers. Dryer motors have gone through numerous different designs over the year, most drastically when the GE motor plant in Peterborough ON closed down and Camco started sourcing flimsy (IMO) motors from GE USA.

BTW. The rational for the plant closure was they said GE USA could produce the same number of motors in 1-shift that Peterborough made in 6-months!

why it was placed sideways in the case

What are you referring to???

Dan O.
Thanks Dan.O and bigbuck. Problem solved and dryer now functioning normally.

I did find the schematic where you suggested Dan, in the control console and it was #572D260P033. Turns out my "no heat" problem was due to connecting two wires incorrectly (the lowest pin on the motor and one of the wires to the idler switch). These two wires are in very close proximity and difficult to see due the position.

Even though I'm pretty mechanical I'd never done this repair before and my efforts were challenged by fact that the motor terminals aren't in any specific order, the position of the terminals on the side of the motor makes them difficult to see and, for some unknown reason, there is no pin 3! Designs change/evolve I guess.

Anyway, thanks again for the assistance, much appreciated.

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