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Thread: GEW9200LW0 Whirlpool Duet sport dryer says sensing and won't run

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    Default GEW9200LW0 Whirlpool Duet sport dryer says sensing and won't run

    Model Number: GEW9200LW0
    Brand: Whirlpool
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hello, I have been following the various threads on the whirlpool sensing problems and it has been very helpful. I ran all the diagnostics and it was clear that the machine control unit was having issues. I was however able to put the control unit into diagnostic mode and run through all the tests - turning the dial, doing the moisture test, I go tall the code.

    So I ordered new machine control unit and installed it. I installed it with no issue - plugged all the wires and then plugged the machine in. Once power was on, All the lights came on on the conol unit, but there was nw beeping. I could press the buttons and nothing would happen. I tried going into diagnostic mode, nothing. So I either got a bad board or there is something else going on. Is there a way to reset the board and start it over?

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    As a follow up, I inspected the old board and found that the soldering joint on the heat sensor blew out and there was a burn mark on the whit plastic case. So that was the issue with the old board. I am going to try to resolder the joint and see if I can get the original board working again. But the new board definitely doesn't work. All it oes is turn on all the lights with no control...can't get into diagnostic mode, no beeps. This was a certified new whirlpool part. Such a bummer.

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    You received a bad control board, send it back and get your money back.
    This was a certified new whirlpool part. Such a bummer,
    Did you buy the part at a deep discount place? I won't name them, but I have a idea where you got it from, because we always get folks saying the same thing.

    We have had a lot of members get faulty parts from Amazon. One person got 3 dryer motors from Amazon and all were bad, then I told him to order it through our link and it worked like a charm. Oh shit the name slipped out. LOL

    Here's the OEM control board for your model you can order($60 CASH BACK with CORE RETURN)
    Main Control Board WP8546219

    Total Price $230.84

    Unplug or turn the breaker off to your dryer first BEFORE replacing it.

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    Look-Up & Order Parts

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