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Thread: This site saved me a ton of money and grief

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    Default This site saved me a ton of money and grief

    Model Number: KUDC03IVBS3
    Brand: KitchenAid
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hope this is not an inappropriate post for this forum (move or delete as necessary), but I gotta give Rick a big pat on the back.

    My trusty dishwasher was suddenly suffering from blinking light syndrome. I was this || close to buying a new control board when I ran across an old thread from 2013.

    During the early, random troubleshooting phase (resetting power, pushing various buttons in sequence, etc.), nothing worked. Then I read just the first page of the above link, did the ribbon cable pull trick (allowing the drain motor to run the full 2 minutes), put it all back together and all's well again! Either this initiated a diagnostic routine resetting the control board, a bad connection was reestablished by way of wiggling wires, or the panel is failing and will rear its ugly head again, at least I now know what part to order. This is an easy fix and literally saved me hundred$.

    Bravo for sharing your wisdom and talent, Rick!

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    I moved it to our Testimonials forum.

    Thanks for the great compliments to Rick, he's a top notch Tech! and it's been wonderful to have him and Jeff and bigbuck here all these years.

    Rick will be happy to see your post.

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