Yes, this is weak. My wife really likes this toaster oven though. I haven't managed to find a parts list, or really even a source for parts. I have cobbled together a few random repairs on this in the past, but right now, it appears that I need a new timer unit. It turns and counts down fine, but it doesn't make continuity to make the heating elements come on. Hope that makes sense. Likely some internal contacts issue, but I don't think it's possible to take it apart and mess with the internal contacts.
If anyone has a suggested source for parts, how to find a part number or parts schematic, or has knowledge of a parts graveyard I could get in touch with it would be helpful. I know these are not expensive units, but my wife is really attached to this unit for some reason. Here's a photo, the lowest dial on the right is where the timer unit is that I need.

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