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Thread: WF210ANWXAA04 Samsung Washer displaying 'te' or 'he' error code

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    Default WF210ANWXAA04 Samsung Washer displaying 'te' or 'he' error code

    Model Number: WF210ANW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years


    I have a Samsung washer that is giving me problems:

    I can start a wash, and about 2min into the cycle, it stops, and displays the error code, preventing it from doing anything else. The washer filled up with water before displaying the error code.

    I was able to turn the washer on rinse & spin, and it worked for the entire cycle, and was able to purge the water from the system.

    I have swapped the control board with another one I had around. Initially, the error code was popping up before even engaging a wash cycle at all. I've also replaced the thermistor in the unit.

    Not sure what next to replace. I have another junk Samsung for parts that I can swap as needed.


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    Hi Benny,

    Here's the troubleshotting guide for your model:

    I only see error code 'te' in that troubleshooting guide on page 6. Since you already replaced the control board and sensor then its likely a wire harness problem.

    This member confirmed that on his Samsung with the error code 'te' FIXED: WF395BTPASU tE error code - Samsung washer

    Here's the wire harness assembly for your model, but its currently out-of-stock: Assy Wire Harnes

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