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Thread: WA37T26G Fisher Paykel GW11 pump/diverter

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    Default WA37T26G Fisher Paykel GW11 pump/diverter

    Model Number: GW11
    Brand: other
    Age: 6-10 years

    We have a Fisher/Paykel WA37T26G (GW11) washer. It doesn't want to drain. I"m getting a #37 pump block error message. I checked the hoses and they're clear. I do not hear the pump engaging, but the diverter valve clicks. The diverter valve is ohm testing at 32.2K ohms. The pump is ohm testing at 5.4 ohms. I cannot find the pump fuse. I know the pump needs to be about 7 ohms, so it 5.4 too low?

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    I haven't worked on any Fisher Paykel machines, but this service manual should help you:

    Also, a thread Jeff helped on may help you, sounds like your water pump is blocked or clogged.

    Read post #3 here: FIXED: GWL11 Fisher and Paykel washer continues to drain while in rinse cycle then throws code 37

    I'd try what Gary said in post#4 of that thread:
    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Swanson View Post
    Thanks for your help.
    It turns out the pressure tube had a blockage in it. Blew in out, fixed the problem.
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