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Thread: Tub sealant??

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    Default Tub sealant??

    Iím replacing the bearings in a Bravos washer. There is a rubber seal that is part of the bearing kit as well as a tube of ď sealant ď. The instructions state to coat the outer wall of the rubber seal with sealant and then put a layer of sealant onto the top of the seal.
    The tube of sealant in the kit I received was broken and hardened. I donít want to wait days to finish this repair!! Iíve called 6 appliance repair shops and only one understood what I was trying to describe and they said to use any silicon sealant?
    Any thoughts ? Suggestions? Kinda inna time crunch on this

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    RTV sealant is fine to use, any hardware store or auto parts store should have it.

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