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Thread: DV48H7400EW Samsung Dryer tripping breaker

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    Default DV48H7400EW Samsung Dryer tripping breaker

    Model Number: DV48H7400EW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    So this has happen recently where every 10 minutes the dryer would trip the breaker. First we thought it was because we were running the AC at the same time, so we unplugged the ac and it is still happening.

    Any suggestions?

    Samsung DV48H7400EW

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    Your dryer is on a double 30 amp circuit. Use an amp meter to determine how much current the machine is using. If it's less than 30 amps, replace the circuit breaker. Leave the amp meter connected to the machine while it's running and see if the amps increase.

    The constant heat of the element can cause the element coil to stretch or sag in spots. If the element coil is very close to the housing the heat can cause the element to expand just enough to touch the housing and you have a short. That will trip the breaker.

    --->Run the machine on timed dry about forty minutes and use the air fluff or no heat setting. If the dryer doesn't shut down or trip the breaker you can assume the problem is in the heating circuit.

    I use a clamp style amp meter.

    You'd need an clamp style amp meter. Like this one here: Craftsman Digital Clamp-On Ammeter

    Let us know what you find.

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