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Thread: Penny Sucked into Vent :-(

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    Red face Penny Sucked into Vent :-(

    I have a Whirlpool LER4634EQ1 Type 122-00 dryer. As I was running the dryer when I decided to clean out the vent, their was a penny stuck in the lint trap and when I was cleaning the lint off the penny dropped into the vent. Instantly the dryer stopped , I tryed first unplugging it and plugging it back luck! Went out and checked the breaker box (fuse box) switched the breakers on and off, still no dryer. I also took the back off, cleaned up lots of lintly dust and everything looks okay. I need professional help, (maybe not just for the dryer ) any suggestions?
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    This link will guide you to get that penny out:

    Remember to unplug or turn the breaker off to your dryer first.

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    Jake's link shows you how to get into the blower housing and to remove the penny, not sure as a penny going down a lint chute cause the problem. It will fall beyond the blower wheel, and be most likely in the 9 oclock position in the blower housing. I've found many 22 bullets and other items there.

    While you are there, with POWER OFF, you might want to check continuity of the thermal fuse, small white oblong object on the blower housing.

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