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Thread: CWR1661SZ Wine Chiller Not Cooling

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    Default CWR1661SZ Wine Chiller Not Cooling

    Model Number: CWR1661SZ
    Brand: other
    Age: 1-5 years

    I'm t'shooting a wine cooler that simply, suddenly stopped cooling.

    The unit powers up and controls (digital) work normally The compressor runs continuously, warm (not hot) to the touch, with no overload condition. I confirmed continuity across the r,s,c terminals. The relay is OK and the capacitance disk is intact. The compressor makes no unusual sounds (including typical refrigerant noises) and is not running "hot". High-pressure line is cool--not cold; low-pressure line is ambient temp.

    Evaporator is ambient temp and dry (no condensation); same with the lines to and from it. Condenser is ambient temp and clean (no dust). All fans run.

    Manifold gauges indicate low refrigerant (suction side). I vacuumed the system for 2hrs, then left it under vacuum for ~24hrs (it held vacuum). The compressor drew in refrigerant (3.4oz max.), though extremely slowly.

    This unit has three temp sensors: defrost, and one for two "zones". The defrost sensor tests at ~18 Ω at 81F, and 1 Ω (not ZERO) when I freeze it. I haven't tested the other sensors... yet.

    There are other details I'm omitting for the sake of brevity, but that's the gist of things. I am stumped.

    Suggestions? Recommendations.
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