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Thread: Quietest generic compressor motor/fan

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    Default Quietest generic compressor motor/fan

    Model Number: NONELISTED
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    I've got a couple commercial grade no-name bottle chillers that I'm using in a quieter area now. They're using pretty standard looking 5W condenser motors with fans that are 172mm across with a simple 4 pin fan hub. But they're too loud for my liking. I'd like to replace these with higher quality ball-bearing fans as I'm sure they're sleeve bearing as it starts. Is there a particular brand you'd recommend? All I can find easily are the generic Chinese junk, but I'd be very grateful for any other brand reco's I should be looking for. EBM Pabst seems to be the only brand I can easily turn up that's an actual "brand"
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    To follow up I found Elco seems to be a good quality fan in my test. Papst also seems nice but less quiet.

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    Hi Bob,

    I'm not familiar with commercial bottle chillers, hopefully another tech that works on these day in/day out can give you some input.

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