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Thread: 1941 GE Refrigerator - Replacement 3-n-1 Starter Combo Wiring

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    Default 1941 GE Refrigerator - Replacement 3-n-1 Starter Combo Wiring

    Model Number: LBX6-41B
    Brand: GE
    Age: More than 10 years

    I need help wiring a 3-n-1 starter combo into my 1941 GE refrigerator. I have the wiring diagram that came with the RCO810 starter but I'm not sure how to wire it.

    I have attached pictures of the original relay.

    The terminals were wired as follows:
    1-White Wire from the compressor
    2-Black Wire from the compressor and the White Wire from the plug and the White Wire from the thermostat
    3-Green Wire from the compressor
    4-Green Wire from the thermostat

    Attachment 38097
    Attachment 38098

    Using the instructions for the new part, how do I determine which wire is the Start, Run and Common wires.
    Attachment 38099

    Any would be appreciated,
    Thank you.

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    Your photos didn't come through.

    To upload photos--->Just Click "Go Advanced" at the bottom right side of this Quick Reply editor that we type in, then you will see the MANAGE Attachments Button.

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