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Thread: 16KHz noise from driect drive on LG front load- help

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    Default 16KHz noise from driect drive on LG front load- help

    Model Number: WM3770
    Brand: LG
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Just got a new LG front load installed today. My daughter says she hears a high pitch sound from it. So I break out an RTA app on my phone and sure enough I see 16KHz (or higher the app stops at 16KHz) whenever the drum moves. This frequency is probably beyond the hearing range of most adults over 40.

    If someone has an LG front load and is willing to download a real time analyzer app (I used RTA) would you verify if this is just my unit or all direct drive LG units? Unfortunately the apps typically cost a few dollars. Or if you have someone under 15 in your house :-). My concern if it's not on all units is it's being emitted by my direct drive electronics board or the stator and I have a problem.

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    Here is the service manual for your new washer.
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