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FIXED 665.12793K311 Wash Cycle Stops Blinks Add Dish wants to press Start again to Resume


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Feb 19, 2008
Herndon VA
Model Number
Need some Help here please.

Model 665.12793K311 Serial F44522380 Kenmore Elite Dishwasher 4 years old.

After starting a cycle, the dishwasher will stop as though we opened it up and added a dish and is blinking to press the Start to Resume the cycle. After pressing the resume it starts for another minute or so then does the same.

I have run the diagnostics cycle several times with no success. Sometimes I see a code 91E4 on the display. I have turned off the breaker for 30 minutes then ran the diagnostic cycle but that did not seem to help either.

This seems to of happened after we lost power one evening. My thoughts are that something is wrong with control board or perhaps some sensor that lets the dishwasher know the door is closed.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


I removed the control board and and everything seemed to be attached. I removed and re-attached each of the connectors and put it back together again. Resetting and repeating the diagnostics the dishwasher did the same thing.

The board looked OK I did not see anything burnt or out of the ordinary. Some of the wires were deeply pressed into the material that is on the door but I was able to pull them out without issue.

So I ordered a new board. Hopefully that will fix the problem. We will see in a week or so.

Thanks for the help.

Also Mike I just want to mention this below, there has been some issues with the door vent causing this problem too.

Disconnect all the wire connectors to your door vent and see if it runs through a complete cycle.

Start reading what bigbuck said at post#18 here: FIXED: KUDE60HXSS5 KitchenAid Dishwasher Fills but then Shuts off

Your model uses the exact same door vent. If it runs all the way through with the door vent wires disconnected you will need to order and replace the door vent assembly.

Here it is:
WPW10469574 Vent

To access the vent assembly you will need a T-15 torx screwdriver: Remove 4 screws (long) across top of door, then remove 10 screws (short) on the sides, then the outer door panel pulls off.

Let us know what you find.

Rick and Jake,
Thank you both. I re-opened up the Dishwasher. ( I'm getting good at that now ) and took off the two connectors to the Vent.

I ran the 1 hr cycle. And low and behold it ran all the way through and the "Complete" light came on in the end.

So just to check I opened it up again, Reconnected the two connectors, ran the same cycle and yes it stopped and asked me to add a dish and it was
blilnking like I had opened the door and asked me to resume.

Opened up the door one last time disconnected the two connectors and this time put my dishes that had been piling up in the sink and ran another 1 hour cycle and
Yes my dishes are now clean. So I ordered a Vent and will hold on to the board I received yesterday until after the vent arrives.

Now that the vent is disconnected, is there any problem running the dishwasher in this way until the new vent comes?


The screws on this dishwasher use a t-10 Torx screwdriver. The 4 across the top are larger then the lower ones on the side but they are all a t-10. I also used some spring clamps to help hold things in place while I screwed and unscrewed the panel.

Thanks for your answers!

Excellent Mike.:)

Now that the vent is disconnected, is there any problem running the dishwasher in this way until the new vent comes?
I don't see a problem with that till the new vent arrives.:)

The screws on this dishwasher use a t-10 Torx screwdriver.
I could have sworn they are/or were T-15, they must of changed them on your model.


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