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665.13152K701 Sears Kenmore will not heat the water.


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Mar 11, 2017
Houston, TX
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Our Sears Kenmore Elite will go through all of the cycles normally with no error codes, but it does not heat the water, when it gets to the dry cycle the element heats up and dries the dishes fine. We changed the High Limit Thermostat and it did not solve the problem. Is it correct to assume that the heating element is OK even though it does not heat the water but does get hot when it reaches the dry cycle? The control board looks fine in appearance but we realize it could still have a component out. Is their something else we should check before ordering a control board? Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
Rick, Thanks for the quick reply, we have ordered the control board and will update this thread after we get it installed.
Just to update, we did change out the control board and the water does get a bit warmer during the wash cycle. My wife doesn't think it is getting as hot as it used to, I am not sure because I never paid any attention just turned it on and walked away.
Invoking Service Diagnostics clears all status and last run information from memory and restores defaults. It also forces the next cycle to be a sensor calibration cycle.

Last run cycles and options returned to default (Normal cycle with Heated Dry option).

Last run delay returns to the lowest delay increment.

Calibration cycle forces two rinses to occur prior to Final Rinse (to assure clear water), then calibrates the OWI during the final rinse.

Operating state returns to Standby upon completing or terminating the Service Diagnostics Cycle.

To invoke the service diagnostics press HEATED DRY - NORMAL - HEATED DRY - NORMAL within 6 seconds

Sorry it took so long to reply, got busy with an unplanned business trip. When invoking the service diagnostics with error codes the following error codes are displayed. Interval 26 ( 1-1 ), Interval 25 ( 4-1 ) and Interval 24 ( 8-2 ). After the dishwasher completes the diagnostics the following errors are displayed Interval 2 ( 4-4 ) and Interval 1 ( 4-2 ). The documentation shows 4-2 as reserved for future use?

With an error code of 4-4 it seems that the diverter might be bad or am I headed in the wrong direction?

Thank you for all of the assistance you have provided.
Check the diverter valve for 1300 - 1600 ohms. Error F1E1 could be a short in the diverter valve. F8E2 is related to the water temperature problem you have. Make sure the machine is connected to a hot water supply line and not a cold water line. If the control can sense the diverter position in interval 16 the clean LED will turn on in interval 17.

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