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FIXED 665.13749K603 Kenmore dishwasher intermittent drain

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Dec 17, 2020
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Sears Kenmore
6-10 years
Hi there. I love this site!!

I have a Kenmore 665.13749K603 that has draining problems in and after a cycle, leaving dirty dishwater in the machine even though it says 'clean'. But I can use the cancel/drain to get it to drain after the cycle is all over.

Though it may seem old, since I got the dishwasher I run it once a week on average. Since the drain problem started, over the weeks I've googled madly and checked the following:
- reset at main breaker
- reset using cancel sequence I read online (twice but this one worked FAR better after the breaker reset 🤦‍♀️)
- filter clear (I learned how to clean that a while back)
- hose is presumed clear (but only checked in reverse w my air compressor as I haven't pulled the machine out yet - a lot of water blasted readily back into the machine and it wasn't clogged at all where it goes into the drain under my sink)
- black rubbery flap thing seems fine or do they get thinner over time? (photos attached)
- chopper assembly was basically clear, so I was thinking it was the main control board, but googled again and found this site.

After the resets it seemed to work fine for a load or two then it started happening again. I do not know the sequence for the machine to get any error codes.

After the drain problem resurfaced on a normal wash cycle, I could run it on the shorter sensor cycle, then the drain problem started happening on that cycle too. So now it's on all cycles. So I've been cheating and running it on the sensor cycle once with soap (left bits of very clean food on the dishes) and once without soap to rinse.

After checking this site, I realized there could still be bits I missed at the chopper assembly so I pulled out the chopper assembly with the following results:
- while it looked basically clean I found a wad of hairs (I have pets that shed - a lot) very tightly wound around the axel, and packed/stuck in between the washer, cutter blades, and the mesh screen which made the metal screen unable to turn independently of the chopper blades. (See photos)

So before I (or a repair person - I'm not very strong) pull it out from under the counter and tip it back to acces the other end of the hose and the pump etc,

1) is there a way to run a diagnostic sequence on this machine that would be of use?
2) could that packed hair (which kept the screen from being able to turn on the axel) have impeded the draining capacity and caused the pump to overheat?
3) And if so do I need a new pump now?nor should I reassemble and see if it works now?
4) is there anything else I'm missing?
5) Or am I faced with buying a new pump and/or a new board.

The boards are quite expensive in Canada. Buying both would be nearing the price of a new lower level Bosch. But I really like this machine and the options it has (I usually run it on sterilize in the middle of the night - cheaper hydro lol) and hate to trash it in a landfill.

Sorry for my wordiness but Im trying to be clear.


PS the black 'wheel' the chopper assembly attaches to underneath turns smoothly in both directions. It's not a loose spin but is easily turned with one finger. Plus I stuck a finger in where the axel goes after pulling off the chopper assembly to see if there were any bits stuck in there and couldn't feel anything obvious.


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Ok, your title says draining intermittently, as far as cleaning the dishes and silverware its doing good right?

For the intermittent draining problem--->on this model there is a backflow check valve in the elbow of the drain hose, if that is clogged it will drain intermittently or never drain properly period.

Here's our main thread on it:

That thread shows the black elbow which has the backflow check valve in it. Check it for clogs.

Kathryn and Tom found it clogged up, post #26 and post #27 and post #29.

Here's that drain hose with the elbow in it that contains the backflow check valve:
WPW10545278 Drain Hose

Let us know what you find.

Ok so I pulled the hose out and only found the smallest bit of hair clogged in the flap at the elbow and the flap does seem to move better. Could that little bit really make a difference? (See photo).


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Possibly, have you tried the draining cycle again?

What I do is take the drain hose off the garbage disposal or sinking plumbing where the water exits, then get a bucket to catch water in, and put the drain hose in the bucket and start a drain cycle and see how fast the water comes out into the bucket. You should have a lot of water pressure force coming into the bucket.

Now it's not draining at all when I hit cancel/drain. No sound. Nothing. 😢 Plus, I have a question related to the rubber flapper to the right if the chopper assembly. Should it flap both ways or only towards the right of the hole when you put it back in? (looking at it from inside the dishwasher)

I've put back the chopper assembly though I'm fairly sure that wouldn't cause the cancel/drain to stop working. Does that mean I need a new pump? Is there a way to distinguish between needing a new pump and needing a new
main board?
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Here's the drain pump for your model:
Drain Pump WPW10348269

I'd first check your voltage with a multimeter at the drain pump electrical terminal wires, it should be 120 volts at the drain pump when its in the drain cycle. If you get 120 volts and the drain pump isn't running, then its bad.

When you click the part link to the drain pump you will see a video of how to access it.

For the black rubber check valve flapper:
Check Valve WP8268375

There is a link to the video to show you how it goes in properly.

Let us know what you find.

I ended up replacing the drain pump, which was quite easy following the instructive video, and now it's as good as new!!

Thanks for the help.

PS what I learned here about checking the hoses etc also allowed me to fix my single cup Keurig! Now to fix my Kenmore vacuum. Lol
Excellent, glad to hear the new drain pump fixed it.(y)

Thanks for the update!

PS what I learned here about checking the hoses etc also allowed me to fix my single cup Keurig! Now to fix my Kenmore vacuum. Lol
LOL, yes I know what you mean.:)

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