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665.15919001 Kenmore Dishwasher Flapper


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May 22, 2018
West Chester, PA
Model Number
Sears Kenmore
More than 10 years
I am repairing my Kenmore dishwasher and the rubber flap down by the food masher assembly is torn with the flap somewhere inside the unit. The reason for the repair is that the dishwasher did not wash and made a buzzing sound when turned on. I don't know if the torn rubber flap that I believe controls the flow of water has gotten stuck in the pump, which is causing the buzzing and lack of water getting to the sprayer, or if the flap is just down in the pipes some place. What happens if I run the dishwasher, after putting in a new flap and the old flap is somewhere in the system. How to I find and remove the old flap piece?
Hi Fred,

Here's black rubber check valve flapper for your model(Video Included):
WP8268375 Check Valve

I've seen them break off but I always find them in the sump.

The buzzing is usually either something caught in your motor impeller like a seed/pit or your motor is bad.

You can remove the wash motor itself and check for stuff down in the motor impeller assembly, its a big job to do, so allow yourself some time.

Here's the wash motor assembly for your model:
Circulation Pump WPW10757217

Watch this video to remove it: Circulation Pump/Motor Video

Let us know what you find.

Thanks, Jake. I replaced the flap and gambled that it would fix the problem and that the broken piece did not cause further problems. That seems to have worked, so I will not, for right now, have to go to the extra work you suggested, but I am keeping your response on file, just in case. Again, thanks.
Ok Fred, sounds good.

Yes, I'll keep your thread open.

Thanks for the update!

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