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FIXED 665.16632000 -- Disassembly


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Dec 1, 2009
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I'm trying to get in past the screen and into the sump assembly of this Kenmore 665.16632000 so I can clean it out. Unfortunately the assembly is a bit different from the other posts I've seen (the Point Voyager style), and I haven't been able to get the screen off.
Thanks for that instruction -- I haven't managed to get it off yet, but it's soaking in ReleaseAll.

The problem I'm having is that no water is getting pumped up into the sprayers. It came on suddenly -- previously the dishwasher did a good job, and now it's not even getting the dishes wet.

I've checked the water supply side, and there doesn't seem to be a problem there. If I stand underneath the dishwasher while it's on, I can see there's water going in, and it appears that just as much water is coming right back out. So when it shuts the water off to start the washing phase, there's no water to wash the dishes.

There's visible gunk behind the screen, so I'm hoping a good cleaning will solve the issue. Actually at the moment I'm just hoping I can get the impeller off without having to break it.
So after it stops filling with water, do you hear the motor come on and just not spray through the spray arms?

Yes exactly -- I can hear the sound of a motor coming on, but there's no water in the machine.
I did eventually get the screw out. Would a damaged impeller be visible to the (layman's) naked eye? It didn't seem broken in any obvious way to me, other than the scars incurred when I jammed it with a screwdriver to get the screw out.

I removed the debris (including that cellophane wrapper -- yikes!) and flushed everything out with vinegar, but unfortunately the saucer-shaped unit with the screen on it does not seem to come apart. After reassembly, there's no change in functionality.

Is it normal that there's a lot of water draining immediately after the unit is turned on -- it seems to me it should fill first. Is it possible there's a stuck valve somewhere? I didn't come across anything that looked like an outlet valve, did I just not go deep enough?
If the impeller looks ok. But the pump/motor assembly can still be bad.

It drains when you start it but not at the end?

When I open the unit during the washing phase, while the motor is whirring away, there's no water in it. It may try to drain later, but there's nothing to drain.
Check your tub float and make sure its not stuck in the up position.

Other than that, make sure your getting 120 volts to your fill valve and the water supply is opened fully.

Here is the fill valve for your model(Video Included):
Whirlpool W10219643 Water Inlet Valve - AppliancePartsPros.com

Its located under your dishwasher's tub, inside your lower access panel below your door.

Thanks for that -- I had seen that advice elsewhere so I've checked those components. The float valve is not stuck in the up position, and I've taken apart the fill valve and cleaned it without seeing any problems. I'm sure the unit is getting lots of water, because I can see it draining out.

Is there a component that is supposed to stop the outflow of water during the wash cycle? Thanks for sticking with me on this problem.
So is it filling up with water then draining it as it washes?

The water starts draining out almost immediately after it starts filling. It continues draining for a few seconds into the wash cycle, at which point it's completely empty -- if I open the unit during the wash cycle, there's no water in it.
Check your drain hose under the sink, it has to come up in a loop before the drain, or it can cause a siphoning condition, causing the fill water to just drain right out while your dishwasher is running.

You can see how it has to loop in Fig 1, Fig 1a, Fig 2 here: [url]http://www.applianceaid.com/drain_wash.html#drain[/URL]

Ha! You're a genius. Last weekend I installed a laundry tub in the basement, and I straightened out the loop of the drain hose from the dishwasher to get some extra reach.

I just did a quick test with a loop in the line, and the machine works fine that way. Thanks SO much for your help!
Excellent Kenless, glad that was it.:)


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