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Thread: Trying to identify this old mixer

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    Default Trying to identify this old mixer


    Trying to identify this beauty

    New to the forums . I found this gorgeous old mixer at an auction site and won it for next to nothing... Would love to restore it and get it working... Good news is that work is VERY minimal. A new fan belt and a coil in the motor.

    The bad news is whomever had this before me painted over and removed all the identifying labels... Does anyone have any clues as to it's origins? Make, Model even Era? Or does anyone have a lead on a place I might go to find out? I don't want to fall in love with it any more than I have if finding paddles, cage or bowl are an impossibility. haha.

    - Lostinlove
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    Good photos.

    Hopefully someone that is familiar with old mixers can assist you on it here. I have no clue myself, sorry.

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