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Thread: Permanently adding mini fridge in truck

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    What’s up guys. Alright so I’ve got a project planned and have a few questions. I have an 08 f150 pickup with the ford “toughbox”(visuals may be needed to understand what I mean so just google ford toughbox and go to images) which is basically an addition that sits between the bed and cab and has a door on either side of the truck. This opens up and has drawers for tools or whatever in it. I work pretty much 100+ hours a week and almost live in this thing. Basically my project is to use one side of the box(each side is independent of the other, they are divided) as my drink holder. I’ve already got that down, so the next step is to keep my drinks at least semi cool. One of my questions for you guys is, is it possible to essentially “gut” a mini fridge and use the cooling and mechanical portions to cool the inside of the box? Basically replace the shell or body or whatever you call it, of the minifridge, with the box itself. What all would have to happen in order to remove all of the mechanics nd transplant them into the box? I understand that one portion of the fridge will do the cooling and another portion will be used for exchanging heat(I.e. get hot) and will put the hot portions outside of the box(again,essentially as it is on the fridge). These parts would be mounted on top of the box, which is inside of my contractor cap and will be protected from the weather. I’ve read that some of these units might not stand up to the constant motion of a vehicle. Is there any way to alleviate or brace or whatever needs to be done in order for that to not be an issue? I know it sounds like an odd project, but I enjoy stuff like this and having weird things that not many people have. Thanks in advance and I’m very sorry about the ignorance on the subject, but we all start somewhere right?

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    Also forgot to add, I have a 1400 watt constant, 2800 watt peak, pure sine wave invertor in the truck. Is only used for charging my drill and meter and such. Will this be enough to run a minifridge? Also will not be ran constantly, the invertor is only on when the truck is running.

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