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Thread: FE710DRS Samsung Electric Range bake element wire burnt

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    Default FE710DRS Samsung Electric Range bake element wire burnt

    Model Number: FE710DRS
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    last August I had a lightening strike and my red wire to the lower heating element was burnt. A repairman replaced the connector and the stove worked until about 3 weeks ago. I just pulled the back panel from the stove, and the red wire is burnt again. What can be causing this problem and how can I check what is causing the problem? What can I do to correct this problem

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    A bad connection would cause this. The bad connection causes the voltage to drop so the amperage increases to compensate and the poor connection gets hotter and hotter until it burns off.

    I'd suggest getting these parts below.

    High temperature female wire connectors for 10-12 gauge wire sizes

    Generic replacement 12 gauge high temperature wire

    Large red standard wire connectors

    Then you'd need a wire stipper:
    Wire Splicing Tool 959

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