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Thread: B26FT70SNS/04 Bosch ice machine not making ice? Look here.

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    Thumbs up B26FT70SNS/04 Bosch ice machine not making ice? Look here.

    Model Number: B26FT70SNS
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 1-5 years

    I recently fixed my ice machine and now it's making ice very well. This trick came from a Sears repair bulletin and discovered an unexpected flaw in the design of these ice machines. The ice maker itself is a Daewoo product and may show itself in any number of refrigerators but the fix is very easy: inside the circuitry of the ice machine is a plastic arm with a small, pea-size rectangular magnet in it that rests on a microchip. The magnet may get dislodged from the arm. Replacing it (paying attention to polarity - the rough side must be facing away from the circuit board) inside the arm is both quick and effective if you found yourself in the same predicament.

    Please see the attached photos to see what I mean. Good luck!

    Here is a picture of the ice maker. Simply unscrew the top and side to dislodge it from the plastic retainer that it rests in. Once it's resting like this, simply move the top bar up to expose a screw. Remove that and you can remove the plate with the warning sign attached to it.
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    Here's a photo of the inside with the white plastic arm mentioned above. Next to it is the magnet that popped out and will fit inside the arm. Reattach it with the unfinished side of the magnet facing you.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Reattach and rescrew and you're good to go! Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for posting how you fixed yours.

    That's the key to our site, is helping others that have the same problem!

    Paying it Forward is ALWAYS good Karma!

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    Thank you. I just hope it finds the people that need it.

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