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Thread: Kenmore Elite 106.53706201 not cooling

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    Default Kenmore Elite 106.53706201 not cooling

    Model Number: 106.53706201
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    Installed SUPCO RCO410 3-in-1 after compressor wouldn't run 2 months ago. Worked fine until compressor AND compressor fan quit last week. Swapped in NEW 3-in-1 with no effect. There is a RED wire and a White wire running to compressor (3-in-1). Both indicate 120v. For diagnostics found the red wire will start both condenser and condenser fan when grounded to refrigerator frame.

    So we know they work. But is it the temperature control board which controls the condensor and condenser fan? Does grounding red wire to frame work because it bypasses some sort of switch?? Everything else works fine... lights, controls, evaporator fan. NO frost issues. Condenser tubes cleaned. Worked great (after 3-in-1 installed) until late last week.

    Need a bit of help & I appreciate any I can get. Don't want to buy new if we can fix it.
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    Thoses SUPCO 3-in-1 hard start kits are compressor killers, they are not supposed to be used on any refrigerator made after 1996. I've seen this many times on my service calls, where other techs use those to replace the OEM compressor start relay and then the compressor goes out soon after.

    That's what has happened to yours. Your control board is fine if your getting 120 volts to the compressor and condenser fan motor.

    Here's the OEM compressor start relay for your model:
    8201786 Compressor Starting Device Kit

    But its too late now, your compressor is a goner. Whoever told you to use that SUPCO 3-in-1 hard start kit was wrong.

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