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Thread: WM2101HW LG front loader will not spin or agitate

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    Default WM2101HW LG front loader will not spin or agitate

    Model Number: WM2101HW
    Brand: LG
    Age: More than 10 years

    My LG front load washer will not spin or agitate. I have attempted the reset multiple times. I have replaced the rotor sensor and main circuit board without any changes. It will first look like it starts to rotate the drum in the first few seconds but with a heavy noise. Then it will eventually lock up and stop and sends the LE code. Bearings look new and no leaks. Drum spins freely by hand with a slight high pitch rubbing noise. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Hi Mark,

    I haven't worked on this model as of yet, but I did locate the service manual here:

    Here's the parts diagram for your model: LG Washer WM2101HW Repair Parts

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