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Thread: Subzero 650 - Low Refrigerator Temp and Excessive run-time

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    Default Subzero 650 - Low Refrigerator Temp and Excessive run-time

    Model Number: 650
    Brand: Sub Zero
    Age: More than 10 years

    I have a Subzero 650 fridge. It seems to be running excessively long ~1hr-2hr at a time. Also, I notice that the refrigerator temperature goes all the way down to 30F (my setpoint is at 38F). I've verified the reading w/ a separate thermometer. I've been cleaning the condenser coils pretty regularly. Last year it wasn't able to cool and it was diagnosed to be a leak in the evaporator -- I had the compressor, evaporator, and the capillary tubes replaced during that service visit.

    The subzero troubleshooting seems to imply that it could the refrigerator thermistor, but I would think that would cause it to display incorrect temperature as well as have issues w/ cooling.


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    I am having similar issue on a Viking I am working on. Did you find the solution to this? I changed the evaporator for my customer now everything in fridge freezes but thermistor reads accurately.

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