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Thread: Gibson RT19F3WX3B - not cooling the fridge nor freezer

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    Default Gibson RT19F3WX3B - not cooling the fridge nor freezer

    Model Number: RT19F3WX3B
    Brand: Gibson
    Age: More than 10 years

    - My parents just replaced this fridge which was manufactured in 10/92, and they gave it to me. They did not have any issues with it that I know of. They re-did the kitchen and my mom wanted a new fridge. It sat unplugged for 2 months at their house, and I just put it in my garage to keep drinks and to have extra fridge space. I have had it for about 3 weeks and it worked fine. We went on vacation for a week and when we got back, the freezer was around 45 and the fridge was in the 60's. Lights were on, and I believe that the compressor was running at the time.
    - The condenser is on the back side. It is clean. The evaporator is in the rear of the freezer. When I took the rear cover off, there was about a 1x2" chunk of ice on the right side of the evaporator around the defrost thermostat. The evaporator did not have any frost on it.
    - The fan runs as soon as I turn the temp control on. The fan is circulating air that is not cold. It does not sound loud or unusual. When I touch the one line from the compressor to the evap it is pretty cool, but not as cold as I would think that it should be. When the compressor runs it does get pretty warm, but I don't think that it sounds loud or anything.

    - We had Bible School every evening last week, so I did not mess with it for over a week now. If I turn it on, it will run, but the temp does not change.
    - I saw somewhere on the internet, that if you ohm the 3 legs of the start relay, adding two of the 3 values together should equal the value of the third. I think when I did that 2 were about 3.2 ohms and the third was 6.5. The relay was $8 so I did replace that, with no improvement.
    Thanks, Dan

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    Here's a diagram for checking the relay/overload and the compressor windings:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	R -Compressor Windings Test A.jpg 
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ID:	39209Click image for larger version. 

Name:	R-OL-SD TEST.jpg 
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    If the compressor is running you have a sealed system problem, either a refrigeration leak or system restriction. Sealed system repairs are expensive and will often exceed the machines value.

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