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Thread: 1950's Vintage Wedgwood Propane "RV" stove --> to Natural Gas?

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    Default 1950's Vintage Wedgwood Propane "RV" stove --> to Natural Gas?

    Hello all! I have a 1938 cabin with a vintage (age unknown, appears 50's) Wedgewood RV stove. It is propane, and I am curious if I can easily convert to natural gas? Built in to the cabinet, so Id prefer a little info before I start jerking things apart haha. Ive seen a regulator that is said to allow you to swap without changing orifices, but I find this hard to believe... any help would be appreciated!Attachment 39211Attachment 39212

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    Your photos didn't come through, upload them again please.

    I doubt you can convert it to Natural Gas since its a RV stove. A regular household stove you could.

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