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Thread: GME950805CXAA Goodman furnace fan always on

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    Default GME950805CXAA Goodman furnace fan always on

    Model Number: GME950805CXAA
    Brand: other
    Age: 1-5 years

    The furnace fan is almost always on.
    Like it goes off some times, but not always after the desired temperature is reached.

    Things tried so far:
    - thermostat - ensured that the fan setting was set to auto. Ensured that the wires were properly going to the furnace. Doesn't matter if the thermostat was set to "off" or if the thermostat was removed completely, it wouldn't make a difference.
    - thermostat - got a new Ecobee professionally installed and it felt like the problem went away, but it didn't. The problem is still there, it's just that we didn't notice since it was hot here lately and now that it's cooling down outside that I noticed the fan is always on.
    - furnace limit switch - checked it out with the multimeter for continuity - showed little/no resistance.

    Tried looking for a reset switch, or a fan always on toggle inside the furnace but couldn't find any.

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    The circuit board fan relay is stuck closed. Replace the board PCBBF132S . Or wire up relay to control the fan during heat mode.

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