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Thread: Kenmore 417.44152400 washer keeps beeping

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    Default Kenmore 417.44152400 washer keeps beeping

    Model Number: 417.44152400
    Brand: Sears Kenmore
    Age: More than 10 years

    Hello - I have read the posts and replies regarding the Kenmore Front load washer, model 417.44152400 continuously beeping. My question is this: how long will this machine work if we do not replace the control panel? Since we bought the unit used and only paid $100 for it, I cannot see spending the $135 to replace the panel if we can get a few more months out of the machine. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

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    Hi Lynn,

    Yes correct, the problem is the control panel board. It should run for years after you replace it.

    Here's the control panel board assembly for your model you can order:
    137005020 Control-Electrical

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