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Thread: WA422PRHDWR Samsung Washer not Working

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    Default WA422PRHDWR Samsung Washer not Working

    Model Number: WA422PRH
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 1-5 years

    My washer initially gave me the 3E error code. It stopped mid cycle and then would not spin or fill afterwards. I read the thread on here about that as well as other sources and found one person who cleaned out the hose to the water level pressure switch and that worked for them. It worked for me too... For about a week. Then the same thing happened. And it wouldn't fill or spin again.

    Thinking logically, I decided the water pressure level switch itself might be bad. So I ordered a new one and replaced it. The washer filled and spun. And then a few minutes into the cycle it gave me the 3E code again and now it won't fill or spin. Also, when I go into the quick test mode it gives me the 3E error code and won't spin.

    Any ideas? Is it the PCB board? I'm lost at this point

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    I've only worked on a few of these Samsung washers mainly for drain pump problems, not any for error code 3E.

    Here's the parts diagram for your model: WA422PRHDWR Parts

    I did locate the service manual for this model:

    On page 19 it lists error code 3E: Motor Driving Error and Hall Sensor Error

    Then on Page 23 it tells you what to check and test for to find the cause of your error code 3E.

    Let us know what you find.

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