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Thread: Bosch B36IT water is leaking 2-3 times per day from the top right corner of the fridge inside wall.

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    Default Bosch B36IT water is leaking 2-3 times per day from the top right corner of the fridge inside wall.

    Model Number: B36IT
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 1-5 years


    I have an extremely heavy two door built-in BOSCH [B36IT] fridge with bottom freezer drawer. Inside the fridge, water is leaking (2-3 times per day) from the top right corner of the fridge inside wall. I believe the frequency coincides with the defrost cycles.
    I suspect that the drain tube or channel is clogged. So, I opened the inside panels to investigate, inserted a nylon coated steel cable into the drain hole. I pushed the cable as far as I could, probably 4-5 feet into the channel. The cable seemed to meet a solid end and could not go any further. I repeated this exercise for 2-3 times. Then, I slowly pour some water into the drain hole. After about a quarter cup of water, the water overflowed.

    Due to the weight and size of this fridge, I have not investigated the back of the fridge, yet. Removing the bottom drawer appears to be a very difficult task also. I plan to search and gather as much information as possible before attempting to pursue further.

    I watched an online video regarding a Whirlpool fridge. At the back of the fridge, the owner was showing a rubber grommet fitted on the end of the drain tube. The grommet has a very narrow slit opening, similar to a duckbill. It appears that small debris can build up and block the funnel end easily.

    I have some questions for the experts here:
    (1) Does the BOSCH fridge drain tube have a p-trap?
    (2) Do the BOSCH fridges also built with a similar grommet at the end of the drain tube above the drain tray?


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    Not familiar with this unit at all but here is what little I was able to find. It does not have a trap. Just a straight tube called a "valve outlet" . My guess is that this tube has some type of internal valve which is similar to , if not the same as, the Whirlpool duckbill setup. When you hit on solid terrain with the cable you just went through the valve and hit the base pan that the tube terminates into. Try flushing the drain with hot water using a turkey baster . Blow compressed air through the tube.

    If those efforts fail then here is the part I would change
    Item 0415 on the parts diagram

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    Appreciate your advice of using compressed air and hot water.

    I have not tried using hot water yet. Beside using the steel cable, I also inserted a 3/16 tube attached with a small bicycle pump. My pumping of air met some resistance after a few strokes. Do you think the bicycle pump might be too small and lack of pressure?

    Jackofalltrades: your diagram is really helpful. I can see that I will have to raise 0417 (support) from the floor to allow 0419 (glide-wheel) to touch the floor. Can I assume that the support of the back ends are sitting on the left and right ‘tracks’?

    I shall continue to explore and report back here with my progress to share.

    Welcome any additional advice. Thanks all in advance.

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