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Thread: EI23CS35KS3A Electrolux Refrigerator -- Water Line Frozen for Water Dispenser (In-Door)

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    Post EI23CS35KS3A Electrolux Refrigerator -- Water Line Frozen for Water Dispenser (In-Door)

    Model Number: EI23CS35KS3A
    Brand: Electrolux
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hello, we have a relatively new Electrolux Refrigerator that just went out of warranty. We bought as an Electrolux appliance package through our builder when we purchased our home. Unfortunately, this is our second refrigerator as the first one was replaced by Electrolux within the warranty period due to many issues: motherboard and compressor replaced in previous model -- motherboard replaced 2x). While this newer one has worked relatively well, the refrigerator side is very noisy and the water line has frozen a few times, but those incidents were during the warranty period. The previous two or three times we called the repairman because it was "under warranty." Now, it is up to us to fix it or have a very costly repair for a very simple issue. That is why I am turning to this repair forum for help.

    I was told by the serviceman who provided our service repairs under warranty that Electrolux does not put a great amount of insulation in the freezer door, and as a result, the water line can freeze often. We keep our freezer at 0 F and our refrigerator at 37 F. Nothing unusual.

    However, in a momentary lapse of good judgment, someone in our home has used the "fast ice" and/or "fast freeze" features on the motherboard causing our freezer to work overtime and consequently freeze our water line.

    Up until now, I had waited to see if the line would eventually unfreeze. It hasn't.

    I unplugged the unit from the wall and took the kick plate off the bottom of the unit and used a 3/8 open socket to pop the clip/seal on the water line connector at the bottom left of the unit on the front of the appliance. I blew air through hose, and there was no air coming through the top of the dispenser. Therefore, I know the line is frozen and not just an issue of the water filter needing replacement and clogging the flow.

    I have used a hair dryer on the inside of the door near the ice dispenser chute in the door and the water dispenser (from the inside of the freezer door). I used the hair dryer for about 10 minutes or so and worked it down the inside edge of the door where the water line looked to run up from the bottom when it entered the bottom corner of the door. I also raised the temperature while doing this DIY hack with the hair dryer. I raised the temp of the freezer from 0 F to 6 degrees F.

    After zero results with the hair dryer, I also uncoupled the water line (as I mentioned in the above paragraph) and allowed the water hose to warm and drain onto a towel on the floor while the refrigerator was unplugged. After 20 or 25 minutes, there seems to be some water (wetness) on the towel so maybe the ice has melted a bit. I am going to let it sit another 15 or 20 minutes before trying to recouple the water line and plugging the refrigerator back into the wall. Gotta keep the kids' milk cold.

    Is there something I can do other than calling a repairman or having the whole waterline removed and replaced?
    I am at my wit's end. Maybe I didn't use the hair dryer in the right area or for a longer amount of time.
    I could not find specific videos online for my Electrolux Refrigerator. There were a lot of videos for the GE lines.

    I really wish to thank everyone in advance for reading and any suggestions you may have.
    As all of us do around here, I just want to keep the wife happy. If cold water dispenser is working -- Happy Wife; Happy Life!

    Thanks, Everyone!

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    I just plugged in my unit and turned the water supply mini valve back on...Water is flowing again!

    Wife will be very happy!
    Plus, I just saved at least $75 Dx fee and whatever the Rx cost would be...More beer and pizza money for the NLDS/NLCS/World Series!

    I am going to leave this thread up just in case someone other chap has the same problem.
    They can benefit from my trial and error fix.


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    Excellent good job.

    Thanks for posting that, it will help others!

    Paying it Forward is ALWAYS good Karma!

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