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Thread: 60s Westinghouse Refrigerator Mod.RFA13RW1

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    Default 60s Westinghouse Refrigerator Mod.RFA13RW1

    I have a Westinghouse fridge for my camp and would like to know about when it was made, and if anybody would have a wiring diagram for it.It has an evaporator in the rear panel and a circulation fan. the fan isn't working and the color of the wires are black and red, the thermostat wires are white and black and the wire from the compressor are red ,black, and white.I don't want to pull any trim of if I can hrlp it.

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    I couldn't locate any information on this model, are you sure its a Westinghouse?

    Can you take some photos of it and upload them here, or share them here on Google Drive or Dropbox. Also take a photo of the model number tag and we can possibly tell when it was made.

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    Thank you for your reply.It's a Westinghouse and the model number is correct. I have pictures but can't figure out how to load them. It has the square cabinet with separate doors.The doors have spring latches, and the inside is light blue. I would guess it's about 1960.I'll get some pictures up if i can. I figured out the pictures.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ok you really don't need a wiring diagram to figure this out. Is the compressor running or is the whole refrigerator dead quiet ? is there an interior light on this unit? If so is the light on with the door open?

    If the light is on when you open the door but the refrigerator is dead quiet I would jump out the thermostat (black and white wire ). If that starts the unit you need to get us any numbers printed on the thermostat.
    If after jumping the thermostat the unit is still dead then you might have a bad defrost timer ( I assume it has a timer since it has an evap motor )

    If the compressor is running but the evap fan is not then you either have a bad fan motor, or if applicable, a bad fan door switch. You would need to check for 120vac at the two wires (black,looks brown in picture, and red) at the fan motor with the refrigerator door closed and the freezer door fan switch (again if applicable. Yours may not have one. Back then however most refrigerators had door switches) pushed in.

    If you get 120vac at the fan motor , replace the motor. Get us a picture of the motor.

    If you don't get 120vac at the motor pull the freezer door switch and jump the 2 wires. If the fan then runs you should replace the door switch or you can jump it out permanently.

    PS-those fan motors rarely failed with an open winding. They usually failed because the bearings dried out. So if the motor spins freely by hand chances are pretty good that the motor is not the problem. Having said that however, voltage checks are the best method.

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    The refrigerator works fine except for the fan.I don't know if it has a freezer switch. I will have to wait until next spring to really get into it,I was hoping for a diagram as it makes things easier. I will be replacing the power cord< so could you tell me which Terminal on the compressor start would be the hot one?Attachment 40303

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