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Thread: Bosch 36IT awful smell, and filter change?

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    Default Bosch 36IT awful smell, and filter change?

    Model Number: 36IT
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: Less than 1 year

    Moved into newly built house, with all new appliances in May, 2018. Two months later, we left for 3 months. When we returned, we were "assaulted" with a horrible garbage smell from our new Bosch 36" french door built in refrigerator-freezer. THat was over a week ago - still trying to get rid of the smell. And the bugs - I think black-eyed fruit flies. The fridge went out because its breaker blew out. So far, the new breaker has not tripped, so we are assuming it was a bad breaker and not the fridge.

    But how the heck do I get rid of the smell? Initially, I washed the inside as well as I could using soapy water, then Fantastic, and then more water.
    But 10 days later, it still smells. And I am finding little bugs in there -all dead though.

    Today I took out all the shelves and washed it with Stain & Odor removal stuff I use for my dog. Whatever enzyme is in there will maybe take care of the freezer smell. The refrigerator part is fine.
    WHat other ideas are there to get rid of this?

    Also - the panel is telling me I need to change the filter. I've only had about 2 mos use, the filter is only for ice, and the house has a whole house filtration system that provides much better filtration than the refrigerator freezer. So I really don't need a filter. But I changed it out, but the panel is still saying I need to change filter. I cannot find how to reset the filter. And is there a way I can avoid the unneeded filter?

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    The best smell remover would be cleaning it with REAL vanilla extract.

    I checked your owner's manual and it says this below:

    The appliance could be used without a Water Filter.
    If you select this option, replace the Water Filter with a Particle Cartridge. In this case the Filter Display can be deactivated to prevent the Filter Change Display.
    To purchase a Water Filter Replacement Cartridge, contact your local dealer or call 1-800-944-2904.

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    Mine is probably the same model of Bosch (see my thread posted Oct-5) with an existing water leaking problem.
    In order to isolate my water problem, I turned off the ice making feature, disconnected the water input and ‘deactivated’ the filter display (my manual says: hold setup and ice buttons for 3 seconds).

    From your description of tripping the breaker and smell, (I hate to suggest this - hope I’m wrong), could it be a bird, squirrel, or … under the fridge?
    If it was something came with the machine, then it should be under warranty.
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    Default GFI breaker?

    There are usually parts of a refrigerator's defrost water drain system not able to be cleaned with just a surface wiping of the interior. Parts of the refrigerator would usually need to be disassembled to get to them to be thoroughly cleaned.

    Make sure to clean the drain pan under the fridge as well.

    Odors can also permeate plastic and foam of the appliance, making it very difficult to get totally oder free again.

    Make sure the breaker the refrigerator is on is NOT a GFI type! Those can trip unexpectedly when used with a fridge or freezer.

    Dan O.
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    Been a while since I first posted this. Weeks later, we are finding more little dead flies than before in our fridge & freezer - find a few every day. And the smell is still there - maybe even worse. Trying to figure out how to clean the drain pan, but the manual for our model does not even mention a drain pan, let alone talk about how to clean it. It is a Bosch 36" built in french door refrigerator.

    Is this even the kind of thing an appliance service person would do? In which case, I guess I should have Bosch make a service call? It is under warranty as we've only been in the newly-built house a few months.

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    the manual for our model does not even mention a drain pan, let alone talk about how to clean it... Is this even the kind of thing an appliance service person would do?
    If it's necessary, yes. The drain pan however is outside the fridge, not inside. Parts of the inside might need to be disassembled to clean parts of it too. Contact a service agent and explain what happened and see what they say.


    Dan O.

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