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Thread: Danby DDW1899WP not draining

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    Default Danby DDW1899WP not draining

    Model Number: DDW1899WP
    Brand: other
    Age: 6-10 years

    My Danby ddw1899wp dishwasher won't drain... or at least, barely drains. I've checked this forum and a few people have had a similar problem- either food was stuck in the tube or there was a kink in the hose. In my case, I run the dishwasher and there's a pool of water at the bottom. If it's working "normally", the machine beeps 8 times when it thinks it's done. This it will do if the water level is below a certain amount, and then I have to run it a few times to get it to drain fully, If the water level is much higher, it doesn't stop beeping, and then cycling power just invokes the overflow sensor and the pump tries to drain. No matter what happens, the pump does drain- incredibly slowly, and they cycle doesn't last long so I have to stop and reset and run several times before it's really drained.

    Here's what I've done:

    - opened up the machine, tested the pump for electrical continuity with a multimeter. I am NOT an electrician. The pump seems to have continuity and registers (if I'm reading this right) 39 OHMS when I test it. I have no idea if that's normal or not.

    - checked hoses as much as I could. I tried a snake but the hose is too narrow, so I've blown air and even hooked up my vaccum cleaner to one end and turned it on. I was definitely getting a decent suction from the other end- so it seems to me odd that the water flow would be a tiny trickle if the air flow is good, but what do I know. Regardless, the hose is clamped down in several places so I don't really want to destroy that tight clamp to pull the hose out unless there's a good reason to, because I'm not sure how I would clamp it so well back in such a tight space.

    Regardless, I'm not sure what to do next. My questions are:

    - does the electrical reading indicate anything? Like maybe 38 OHMS is too low and it is indeed the pump- maybe it's got current, but not enough power? Or is this a normal reading?

    - is there a better way to clean these hoses given that they're stuck in there and we can't just pull them out? If there's something stuck in there, lord knows where it is or how I'm not getting to it.

    I should point out the problem has been intermittent for a while- at first it occasionally didn't drain but then it worked fine for a couple of months... then it slowly got worse. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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    Don't know anything about this dishwasher but based on similar symptoms with dishwashers I am familiar with and considering all you have done so far, I would suggest you replace the drain pump.
    Here is the part and if you scroll down in this link there is a video on how to change it

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    So... finally got around to replacing the drain pump, and the same problem persists. It drains really slowly, or not at all until I cycle power a few times and THEN drains slowly. Every once in a while it works like it should.

    Interestingly, the automatic latch that opens to let the detergent out during the wash cycle now doesn't open either, which may or may not be a coincidence, I don't know. So my dishes get sprayed with water but not soap.

    In the meantime I also finally found a long, flexible brush for aquarium tank hoses, so I was able to get in there and really clean out the hose, hoping to find some lodged piece of whatever clogging the path... but no such luck. So the both the pump and the drainage path seem to be fine.

    Running out of ideas...!

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