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    Default Bosch-Refrigerator

    Model Number: KAD62P91/01
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 6-10 years

    hi guys.

    im steven from singapore.

    i came across this forum while googling.
    i have the above mentioned fridge which i think is the exact same fridge as the B22CS80SNS/01 im having the compressor start up problems and i saw in the service manual it says test the volts to inverter but my question is were is the test point check it? there is a CM board on top of the fridge and i dont see the 5v thingy for me to test also i cant find a point to test anything on the inverter below is the manual i got off the net.

    can someone pls help me tell me were is the point to check? i know how to use a dmm and stuff just that i don't know the point to check the volts to the inverter.
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    Hi Steven,

    You'll need to locate a appliance repair forum closer to where you live.

    We're not able to assist folks outside the USA and Canada.

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