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Thread: Bosch HBN53R550B/46 - Main oven not holding temperature

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    Default Bosch HBN53R550B/46 - Main oven not holding temperature

    Model Number: HBN53R550B/46
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hi Guys, I have a bosch HBN53R550B/46 double under and the main oven does not appear to hold temperature. I have tried all the available settings to manipulate the elements in different ways but the result is always the same. Having placed a manual thermostat in the oven with 3d hot air selected I can see that the temperature can be somewhere between 25 to 50 degrees under the oven setting. I have replaced the thermostat with control wheel but it has made no difference. Is anyone aware of a way to calibrate this oven or have any further suggestions, really pulling my hair out now .... For reference the top oven is fine and tend to use this mostly now. Thanks in advance for the assistance.....

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    We don't have any tech information on European appliances here in the USA, sorry. You'll need to look for a European appliance repair forum in your area that can help you.

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