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Thread: FC105LTW3 27 year old White Westinghouse Freezer problem

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    Default FC105LTW3 27 year old White Westinghouse Freezer problem

    Model Number: FC105LTW3
    Brand: White-Westinghouse
    Age: More than 10 years

    Gents, I'm new on this forum, and appliance repair, but I have a question about my 27 year old freezer. For the last 10 years it's been unplugged because we didn't need it. Now that we want to start using it again, I've run into two problems.

    1. I plugged it in, but the compressor didn't start. After doing some basic electrical troubleshooting, I found the problem to be the TEMPERATURE COLD CONTROL. The reason I say that is because I bypassed the control by jumpering the two wires going to it together and the compressor turned on (see picture attached). It's currently running, so I believe the control to be the problem. However, now I get to problem number...

    2. Even though the compressor is running, and it's getting hot (almost too hot to touch), the inside of the freezer isn't getting cold. Is bypassing the control not a good idea to see if it works? And how exactly does it work?

    I thought it only measured the inside temperature using the capillary (?) that's shoved up inside the freezer housing, then turned on or off the compressor when the temperature rose or fell to the settings set on the knob. Does it also control the flow of R-12? In other words, even if I've bypassed the control, will it not get cold? And if that's the case, will replacing the control with that one I referenced above fix BOTH my issues (compressor not turning on and not getting cold)?

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    Hi Ed,

    No, the new temperature control thermostat will not fix the cooling problem.

    You have two problems, which is the temperature control thermostat and a sealed system problem. Because when the compressor is running it should be cooling fine when you bypass the temperature control thermostat.

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    That's what I was afraid of Jake. Looks like it's time for a new freezer.


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    Unhappy Refrigeration tubing rusted out

    For the last 10 years it's been unplugged
    The condenser tubing on a chest freezer is made of steel and welded to the inside of the outer freezer cabinet wall. While in use that tubing is kept warm preventing moisture from forming on it. When left unplugged for any length of time that tubing can be subjected to moisture and often rusts, allowing the refrigerant to leak out. It is not usually cost affective to repair.

    Tip: Do not leave a chest freezer unplugged for any length of time.

    Dan O.
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