Model Number: LDF6920ST
Brand: LG
Age: 6-10 years

My LG LDF6920 dishwasher goes through the wash portion of the cycle normally, including the filling, soap door release, and circulation. Then at the point where there are around 72 minutes remaining, it fully drains and shuts itself off. Turning power back on gets the "PF" error (power failure). Try to resume the cycle and eventually the same thing happens. I can usually get a "rinse only cycle" to complete, although the last time I tried it drained and powered off with 2 minutes remaining on the display. Sometimes I have noticed that after a premature shutdown the power button work for a couple of minutes... thermal overheat shutdown (?).

I downloaded the service manual and went through all of the diagnostic button presses - all functions seemed normal, although I am not sure how to interpret the 62 reading for the soil sensor, and the dispenser test did not flip the soap door open (even though it opens fine during a regular cycle. The "auto off" test (13th press of the time button) does fully shut things off too, which I assume is the normal response.

Any ideas?