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Thread: Samsung Oven NX58J5600SGAA Preheat/Stead State Questions

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    Default Samsung Oven NX58J5600SGAA Preheat/Stead State Questions

    Model Number: NX58J5600SGAA
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: Less than 1 year

    I just wanted to sanity check my Samsung oven, which we bought 11 months ago. A few recipes came out a little under, so we bought a thermometer to hang on it. There was a 25 degree discrepancy, which we recalibrated. Here's an example:

    Set to 400
    Preheat to 400
    +10 minutes later, drop to 375. Stays that way for the next hour.

    Post-calibration: +25 degrees
    Set to 400
    Preheats to 425 actual
    +10 minutes, settles to 400 degress. Stays that way for the next hour.

    Just wanted to sanity check that this is normal and the initial overage of 25 degrees isn't anything to be worried about.

    Also, the preheat beep actually goes off about 5 minutes before it hits the target temp even though the thermostat says (for example) 400. So I'll set it to 400, it beeps ready and shows 400, but the independent thermometer will show 325 or so. Then if I wait 3-5 minutes, it goes all the way to 400 before doing the drop issue above.

    This is under warranty for three more weeks, so I wasn't sure if I should have it looked at or if this is all pretty standard stuff.

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    Assuming your thermometer is accurate the temperature should not be dropping 25 degrees without the heat coming back on.
    Where you situate the thermometer is important btw. It should not be up front near the door. Place it as close as possible to the oven sensor probe. The sensor is the thin chrome tube sticking out into the oven near the rear left , top corner of the oven.

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    Ah, thanks for that tip. I realized I had put the thermometer in the front-middle to make it easy to read.

    Just ran a test AFTER placing the thermometer by the thermostat + resetting calibration adjustment to 0.

    Preheat: Still took an extra 5 minutes (total preheat time of about 5 minutes). Is that fairly normal?

    Temperature readings:
    Set to 350
    Preheats to 360 (thermometer, beep + 5 minutes)
    +5 minutes = 350
    +20 minutes = 350

    So based on that, the thermostat is actually pretty spot on.

    The next question is cook temp. Does it make sense to test the thermometer right in the middle where most of the cooking takes place?

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