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Thread: Looking NOW for 'next' washer, bleeding eyes..

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    Lightbulb Looking NOW for 'next' washer, bleeding eyes..

    Thanks to this site, I have my maytag centennial back up and running.. for now.
    We never should've bought it 5 yrs ago, but it was cheap. And as I found out, for a good reason.
    We have horrendous dirt and heavy clothes here on the farm and ranch..
    Thinking back, the old GE washers of the 70's we ran were probably the best for us. (durability, cleanability, and price) Man, I miss that 'filtration' system!!
    Nowadays, I just hate seeing all that loose grit and crumbs transported to the dryer to be caught in the lint screen...

    So, I had no experience with SQ washers, other than knowing they were big in the commercial market.. Started reading last week about them. I guess we missed the 'best SQ' years by about 11 months!! The TR5, 6,7 seem to be the top dog with the residential owner.. lots of bells and whistles, true. Looks like a major change up in the driveline; Something about SQ using up a warehouse of drivelines originally intended for front loaders? So these top loaders are now direct drive.
    How do they actually WASH???? youtube isn't kind on them. I watched several clips of 'lid open' action, and honestly, I wasn't impressed with the aggressiveness, roll-over rate.. The claim of 210 degree rotation falls short, more like >180. There may be some opposing drum action I can't see that adds to the total of 210.
    Then I had a wild thought! why not check into the actual COMMERCIAL models?
    I found a couple, without coin op. Top load, plain knob timer controls, no lid lock.
    Not the largest, 3.2 capacity (still scratching my head on why so small)
    LWN432SP115TW01 for around 900 bucks.
    Yes, warrantee is limited to 3 yrs parts only, but there may be some allowances when installed in a home. I need to look into that a little deeper.

    Am I looking at this correctly; These top load commercial's are still using the driveline and 'action' of the PRE 2018 models?
    Some of the early youtube reviews show this model of not having a water level switch. it fills to the brim each time. Someone said possibly there is an upgraded model that does have a level switch.
    I prefer a simple top load, agitator, no lid lock for those 'wtf' moments... and gets the clothes CLEAN on the first try. 99% of my wash is full loads, so I don't care about water level anyways. Having to wash 2 and 3 times to get clothes clean isn't very eco friendly is it??
    So, other than warrantee, why not the commercial Speed Queen??

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    Not familiar with the TR models and I can't find a parts diagram so I am not sure if those models are the same as previous ones. If they changed the previous design I will stop recommending them.

    Here is a previous model that I would highly recommend. AWN432SP . Non electronic and simple but most people don't like the low 3.2 cubic foot capacity.

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    from my research, the 2018 models (residential) appear to have front loader motor and driveline. While they do boast a .9 hp motor, it's start/stop/reverse/repeat for agitation. From what I've read, the 'action' only mimics pre 2018 models, and cleaning performance suffers.
    I wish I knew how the pre 2018 residentials ran, was the agitation all done within the transmission, or was the back and forth achieved with motor direction? In any case, the SQ commercial and Beusch, (all from Alliance Laundry systems) seem to have kept their old and true design for now.
    For a little less money, and a much better warrantee, the Maytag MVWP575GW 'commercial' may be worth looking at too. Simple control knobs, lid only locks during spin, .3 cubic foot larger cap.
    Geez, it's easier buying a new car!

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    Great choice, in fact my next washer will be that one too: Maytag MVWP575GW

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