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Thread: Bosch Nexxt 500 WFMC330SUC/03 smooth spin until hits final speed stage

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    Default Bosch Nexxt 500 WFMC330SUC/03 smooth spin until hits final speed stage

    Model Number: WFMC330SUC/03
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: 6-10 years

    I've searched through many threads but can't find an issue described quite like this one.

    During spin cycle if you watch it, the drum rpm will increase in stages sort of like how a car with automatic transmission shifts from gear to gear during acceleration. It also looks like it has a "braking" stage at the end of the cycle to rapidly slow the drum rather than letting it freewheel down from 1200 rpm or whatever the max is.

    My washer (model WFMC330SUC/03) smoothly and quietly ramps up through the various speeds, but then either when going from 3rd fastest to 4th fastest, or at the braking stage, makes loud banging/thumping sounds and also a screeching sound like rubber/metal slippage.

    Up until that point (3rd gear, whatever you want to call it, about 800 rpm) it's as smooth and quiet as normal.


    Many thanks for any thoughts.

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    Sure sounds like a cracked tub support in which case it wouldn't be worth fixing. Your model is not coming up but I am pretty sure the part has been discontinued. I searched similar model numbers and they showed the part discontinued. On those similar models the tub support could not be purchased separately. You have to purchase the whole tub assembly.

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    Thanks Jack, that could be it, but I'd think the noise would set in earlier, and also a bit gradually. Remember it's running almost full speed just fine, then the noise etc. just happen instantaneously.

    Thanks again.

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