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Thread: Samsung WF431ABW/XAA Front Loader Bearing going out on the drum

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    Default Samsung WF431ABW/XAA Front Loader Bearing going out on the drum

    Model Number: WF431ABW
    Brand: Samsung
    Age: 6-10 years

    Bearing going out on the drum. I cant find the proper bearing kit that matches. anyone have good site that has good information confirming their kit will fit my tub?

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    Unfortunately on this model they don't make the bearings you can buy separately, you'd have to order the entire outer tub assembly to get the new bearings which come already installed in it.

    Here's the outer tub assembly for your model: DC97-14604D

    Other than that, you can take the old bearings out of your outer tub and take them to a local bearing shop in your area where they can match them up with new bearings.

    If you go that route you'd need to order a new tub seal as well.

    Here's the tub seal for your model(Video Included):
    DC62-00156A Rear Tub Seal

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    Thanks, thats the way I will go I think.

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    I wouldn't recommend replacing the bearing alone, especially on a Samsung washer. The spiders go bad fairly quickly on their washers in my experience.

    If you're going through all the work to replace the bearing, replace the entire basket as well DC97-14380A.

    Personally, I'd get a different washer. Preferably LG if you want a frontload. Samsung just has too many problems with out of balance errors and bad inverter boards.
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