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Thread: WM2301HW LG Front Washer wont turn on

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    Default WM2301HW LG Front Washer wont turn on

    Model Number: WM2301HW
    Brand: LG
    Age: 6-10 years

    Hi, My LG Front Washer Model WM2301HW wont power on, I trying everything like pushing 5 sec power bottom and star bottom and nothing,yesterday with power cord plog in push the power bottom some seconds and one diode on PCB that have covered with something like foam paper, begin to throw smoke. What can be PCB, the Noise filter or control panel.? the led light on PCB wont turn on never before that.

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    First, check voltage at the receptacle. Make sure that you have the correct voltage coming into the washer, especially if you have had electrical work done on your house recently. You can also check the voltage coming out of the noise filter, into the control board. If those both check okay, take a good look over the wiring in the washer to make sure there isn't a short circuit somewhere. Make sure you don't see any black marks on metal or wires. Look carefully. If everything looks okay, replace the board. I recently repaired a similar model with the same symptoms, including the smoking board. Replacing the board fixed the issue, and there were no other problems.

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    I agree with janzdott.

    Here's the control board(PCB) for your model:
    EBR32268019 Pcb Assy Main

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