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Thread: LG Washer WT1201CW Drain Pump will not turn off

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    Default LG Washer WT1201CW Drain Pump will not turn off

    Model Number: WT1201CW
    Brand: LG
    Age: 1-5 years

    Hello all,
    Been using this washer with no problems. Yet today the drain pump cam on and will not turn off. Drains the water out as the water goes in. When you turn the power off it continues. When u unplug and then plug it back it still continues. I have unplugged the washer for over an hour and than plugged it back in and pump still runs. I have down a few searches and it look like I may have to replace the control panel board?! Any other solutions out there? Thanks all for your input. LG WT1201CW

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    If the drain pump is getting power all of the time or when it shouldn't be getting power....can't think of anything else besides a stuck/welded drain pump relay on the control board keeping the drain pump energized.

    Here's the control board for your model: EBR75857901 Pcb Assembly,main

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