Model Number: HSB02
Brand: other
Age: 1-5 years


I was driving along and picked up a mini-fridge along the side of the road with a "does not work" post it note attached. Nothing appears to be cosmetically wrong with it, so I'm looking to fix whatever may be broken. I know little to nothing about refrigerators, but am excited to learn about it.

So far, I've plugged it in and heard a clicking noise. After the first clicking noise, there was a very faint hum sound, so I interpret that as the compressor turning on. Probably about 30 seconds later, there will be another click and the hum will go away. This repeats once about every 5 minutes. I have also turned the thermostat up to the highest setting (7) just to ensure it was actually on.

What are the next steps I should take to diagnose the problem?