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Thread: Bosch WTA3500UC/10 wont start

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    Default Bosch WTA3500UC/10 wont start

    Model Number: WTA3500UC
    Brand: Bosch
    Age: More than 10 years

    My Bosch WTA3500UC/10 wont start drying. Power to the unit is fine, and I am able to make my cycle selections and input time for the run cycle. I press the 'start' button and the 'drying' light comes on as if the cycle has started, however machine makes no noise and drum does not spin. When I sit there I can see the minutes reducing on the timer as if it is clocking through the cycle, however no action. Any idea what could be wrong ? - machine worked fine the last time I used it the other day.

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    Jeff, Rick, and I have not worked on many Bosch Products, except Bosch Dishwashers.

    But I did locate the tech. data sheet for this model: Dropbox - Bosch WTA 35 WTL 54 Dryer Training Program.pdf

    On Page 50 you can put it into self diagnostics to see what error code pulls up.

    Here's the parts diagram for your model: Bosch Dryer WTA3500 UC/10 Repair Parts

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