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Thread: Thermador built in not cooling

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    Default Thermador built in not cooling

    I have a built in fridge that is not cooling. I've replaced the compressor and drier (although I had to open the system after the install to fix a leak). Weighed in the factory spec charge. Unit cooled good for a few days and then stopped. Pulled the panel off the inside so I could see the evaporator. It is frosting at the top where the cap tube connects. The evap fan is running, pushing a lot of air. Unit has now been sitting a month and I tried it again, just started frosting in the same place on the evaporator (I re install the evap panal before I run the fridge btw). Any ideas?

    I'm thinking cut back an inch of cap tube near the evap and replace drier. Love to hear some other opinions.


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    Are you a licensed refrigeration tech?

    Did you run a vacuum pump on it for about 30 minutes before you recharged it?

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