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Thread: VSG3054BDBK Factory Viking igniter vs generic

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    Question VSG3054BDBK Factory Viking igniter vs generic

    Model Number: VSG3054BDBK
    Brand: other
    Age: More than 10 years

    My Viking 30 gas range broiler igniter needs to be replaced. The factory part (Pb040001) costs over $200.
    The same part on eBay or Amazon is about $20. Is there really a different in quality? Thank you!

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    You know the old saying, if it sounds to good to be true?

    And that sounds too good to be true, something doesn't add up if its only $20.

    And I just confirmed it from a post that VikTech posted about generic ignitors: Post #5.

    Quote Originally Posted by VikTech View Post
    Ignitors do not either work or don't... Both the griddle and oven on this unit have safety valves. The gas valves will only open and remain opened when the current through the ignitor is 3A or greater. anything lower than 3 and the valve will open slightly allowing a low or no flame. lower than 2.8 and no flame at all. This makes it extremely important to purchase OEM ignitors. Generics will work, but only last about a year, as HSIs wear their current decreases. Starting with a generic ignitor that only allows 3A to start with will leave you going through this all over again.
    Here's the OEM, Its currently $153:
    PB040001 Igniter

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