Generally, I find folks who lurk on forums of this nature have a broad wealth of general information about a ton of other home related issues, and I haven't found another suitable forum to pose this question, so I'm giving it a shot on The Porch.

My home was built in 1985 with a Sargent mortise lock in the front door. It has become problematic; I have torn it apart and lubed/fixed what I can but likely need some new parts, I am unable to identify what "series" this lock is, as there are no model numbers or any part numbers on it anywhere, no tags stuck to it, inside or out. The plate simply says "Sargent 81" and the 81 seems to appear it was struck in separately. The lock cylinder says "Sargent" on it. I feel if I can identify this with a part number/model number, I can further chase this down. I have looked at a bazillion images online, reviewed a ton of PDFs from Sargent about their products, but do not find similar pictures/schematics, or dimensions. I have looked on eBay for similar photos, but only find Sargent mortise locks that seem wildly different from mine (antique). I suppose mine is vintage enough to have fallen thru the cracks, but is not antique.

Maybe a few images to pique a little interest, and hopefully I can be pointed in a helpful direction. Thanks for any assistance in this.

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